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Everybody is Selling Something

Posted in Uncategorized by resultsman on March 17, 2009
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Almost everybody is or will be responsible for selling something at some point in their life, whether it is a physical product to customers, service to business or organization or perhaps your personal skills or services to a new employer. Do you have the total package necessary to influence and persuade and convince someone to make a buying decision? The key to tipping the scales in your favor is to create value through the marketing process.
Marketing is the process of creating the conditions that will make someone want to buy a product or service. Quality and service are critical components that a product must have if it is going to generate sustainable profits. One of tools used in the marketing process is branding. The use of a brand, whether it is personal brand as one differentiates their own personal identity or a product brand in the competitive world of consumer marketing is a useful tool in the value creation process of marketing.
First and foremost, you must have a product to sell. A mousetrap of some sort is necessary. This could be most anything, a car, a family or families of chemicals, a service that reduces costs or brings value to a company or this could be yourself – the knowledge and personal skill sets, god given talents and drive that you would bring to a company, value.
In order to be successful the products value or professional contribution must be presented in a manner that is compelling enough to make a person want to purchase it.
Great sales professionals have a total understanding of the value that their company brings to the market. In a similar manner a job applicant must have a similar understanding of their own self worth that they bring to a company.
This is an essential part of marketing. Every product has features, characteristics and benefits that make it unique. The key to the promotion is being able to know and really understand the product. What are the features or specifications of the product? Are these specifications the industry standard? Or, do they product meet and exceed the standards in some way to make the product truly unique?
Can these indentifying features and characteristics be associated with the product in a way that makes them unique. Or perhaps, they can be associated with a business or maybe a person in the form of a personal brand. Once the association is created there are a many ways in which potential customers can then be educated or made aware of the branded product.
Promotional literature, trade show promotion, technical presentations, B2B web based marketing are just a few methods that can be used to spread the word about a product. The job aspirants have their own promotional literature in the form of resumes, bios and 1 page promotional pieces and web based promotion in the form of social networking like LinkedIn to use.
Finally, in many settings whether it is industrial or retail, there is good old fashioned selling. Sales calls or networking. All are similar tools that can be used to make a sale.

Service and Distribution are also a critical element of the marketing process. A marketing and sales department can do the most effective job of demand creation and selling in the world, if distribution or delivery of goods or service falls short of expectation all of that work and good will could be lost. A sound, functioning supply chain is a critical component of the marketing process.

In short, if you make a commitment to do something or a sale, honor it. A good reputation or brand is hard to establish and keep.
Pricing a product can be a complex undertaking. Many strategies can become involved. First and foremost is profitability. One must ensure that they are making a profit. Is the situation competitive?
Strategy- Will the sale be a onetime discrete event? Or are recurring sales with the goal of sustainable profits part of the objective. What about ensuring reinvestment economics? Price escalators, de-escalators pegged to actual costs or indexes can be considered.
To summarize, the highest price that the market will bear and still support the strategy being adopted is the price that the product should be sold at.
Finally, once sales begin, the elasticity of the market should be regularly tested. If selling opportunities are not being lost to aggressive pricing on occasion, even when a sales force has positioned a business in a spot to make a final price offering, the price policy might not be aggressive enough.

The Job Search is Selling-
There is an equivalent part to the selling process in a career transition job search. Organizing and using an effective marketing and sales strategy should shorten the career transition process.