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Lee Diestelow

A  traditionalist with new-age ideas and  hands-on experience growing businesses, commercializing new products, re-engineering turnaround environments, seeking an executive leadership position with a dynamic organization that is determined to use technology to improve how they connect, communicate, collaborate, compete to grow their business and win.

An accomplished leader with a track record that is characterized by well-diversified sales, marketing business development, supply chain restructuring and general management experience.  Successfully energized teams to push through activities that transformed organizations to achieve outstanding results.  Re-engineered and consolidated  job functions for cost savings, supply chain optimization and transformational activities, and a consistent theme of innovation throughout my career has been identifying trademark where assimilating and using new technologies in ways that  positively change the how business is done.

I am currently searching for new opportunities to put my skills and experience to work in an environment that inspires my passion.

In particular, I’m seeking the following:

Senior Executive position (President, Vice President or GM ) in a mid-sized company  wants to  diversify and grow its sales and profits as well as transform the way that it does business, how it connects with its stakeholders (shareholders, employees, partners, customers, community).


Operations Management, Strategic Planning, Tactical Planning and Implementation, Business Development, Product Development, Marketing, Brand Development and Enhancement, Negotiations and most important problem prevention and solving.

Outside of the work environment, I like to give back to the youth of my community by serving in mentoring roles in Boy Scouts and Sports.  I also enjoy the discipline that comes with training for competing in road races. 


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